Tuesday, 24 April 2012

of dogs and daffs

Between the blackflies on Friday and the frigid temperatures on Saturday and Sunday there is little to report gardeningwise.  I turned many beds and planted more peas, spinach and lettuce, seeded four kinds of chard, two varieties of mustard greens and four types of kale. I also transplanted little garlic bulbs that I had gotten as bulbils from gardener extraordinaire, Peter Wiley, at Seedy Saturday a few years ago when it was held at Wychwood Barns. They had grown bigger each year and now are ready to join the rest of the garlic in a dedicated bed.
Thea and Scylla hot on a trail
It seems so fitting to have dogs in the country. So nice for them to be able to wander at will, enjoying the smells, flaking out and playing by turn.
Scylla spurns Thea's invitation to play
Christopher also tried out the new pole pruner he got for his birthday. But, unlike on our arbour weekend where safety was uppermost, he likes to do a bit of yardwork in his housecoat and slippers.
Scylla says, "Now that's a stick!"
Over the years I have planted hundreds of daffodil bulbs in the ornamental beds, field and "woods".
Thalia daffodil - the best of the white narcissus
Naturalized daffodils in the field
And we now have a couple of new benches.
Green iron bench under the old apple tree
Lutyens bench in the crabapple allee

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