Monday, 25 June 2012

Farm/Garden Work/Stay

Every time I go to the farmhouse I make a list (partly for the gratification of crossing items off!) of about two dozen chores. And when we leave there are always at least six things that I didn't get around to. It has taken me way too long, but I have finally realized that the nature of such a big property is I will never finish everything that needs to be done.

So I am going to open up the possibility of people joining me for a work/stay for a couple of days. The chores would mainly be weeding, picking potato bugs, with a little bit of harvesting and planting thrown in for good measure.
View of the garden north west past the pool to the corner of the field

We have a 5 bedroom 1865 farmhouse on 13 acres with a 40 foot heated pool. I would hope for 4 to 6 hours of working each day which would leave lots of time for swimming, walking the paths through the wooded area, reading, napping or exploring the area.
The house with vine covered pergola
The pool

If anyone is interested, a Thursday to Friday night or Saturday morning stay would work the best.
Path past the restored brick outhouse to the pool and wooded area

We do have two dogs. They basically just seek out the shade in the dog day afternoons or keep an eye on me as I work away. Although in the cool of the early evening they love to catch the cuz or "squirrel".
Planting a new bed with Thea and Scylla
And I would, of course, serve "farm" meals using produce from the garden and locally sourced eggs. meat, cheddar cheese and chicken.
1830's belfries from a church in Belleville reincarnated as an open pantry 
 Just email me if you're interested in a visit!


  1. I love these photos! Especially the first one - it's so scenic, pastoral and warm. And timeless, could be any decade/century. Coming for a work/stay as soon as I'm able!

  2. Hi, I read a beautiful article in Harrowsmith Country Life about your work in the Garden Farm. I moved recently from Toronto to an area 45 min from Madoc. I wondered if I could see the place being so near; then I searched in the net and found the possibility of buying good vegetables and fruits from you (organic!!!) and then I found this amazing opportunity to stay working for a day at the farm!!! But how I can email you?? I am using this comment feature but I will submit my email address to you, thanks, Tere