Thursday, 3 January 2013

the wonders of winter

Hwy 7 seems to be some kind of natural border - north of it there is guaranteed to be lots of snow or blackflies - depending on the season. Right now the snow is well above the top of rubber boots.
Nature's unerring beauty - here the complementary colours, red and green

It is great for back country cross country skiing - at least once the trail is broken. There is already enough snow to cover the tops of vegetation in the fields and most of the rocks and brush in the paths through the woods.
Thea figures out the snow is more shallow on the east side of the hedgerow, Scylla sticks to the trail
Establishing the trail through the woods

Back at the ranch, nyger seed has once again proven itself to be the absolute best kind of bird seed.
Purple finches and juvenile gold finches discover the nyger seed

The suet and mixed wild beed seed attract chickadees, bluejays and woodpeckers - all nice birds to see
Downy woodpecker at the suet

 but the nyger seed brings the less usual birds; juvenile finches, purple finches and, for the first time for us, evening grosbeaks.
Blue Jay and Evening Grosbeak
Evening Grosbeak and Purple Finch
Small flock of Evening Grosbeaks

On Dec. 30 there was a beautiful moon just disappearing in the west as the sun rose in the east.
Moon around 7:30 AM
And the sun rising in the east at the same time

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