Friday, 4 December 2015

2015 Christmas Offerings

It doesn't seem to feel a lot like Christmas yet. A year ago we had a blizzard. This year leaves are still on some trees and the predicted high tomorrow is 9C! But, weather notwithstanding, Christmas is three weeks today. The Centre for Social Innovation Pop-Up Market was a great success and supplies of the condiments continue to dwindle. Christmas Offerings 2015 includes shortbreads and condiments, both in sweet and savoury versions.

The shortbreads are made from the finest ingredients; Balderson 12 year cheddar, 72% dark chocolate, organic flour and sweet butter. Each package contains 10 cookies.
As always most of the fruits and vegetables come from my organic garden. We had a devastating frost in May so there were very few wild grapes. But sometimes adversity leads to opportunity. In this case, for the first time, as well a picking wild grapes, I also bought grapes - Fredonia which is a native wine grape and Concords. So this year there are wild grape, Fredonia and Concord grape jellies.

The jellies contain nothing but fruit juice and sugar (no commercial pectin). The marmalades highlight citrus fruits available only for a few weeks each year. The savoury condiments include a spicy ketchup made from my heirloom tomatoes, cayenne and jalapeno peppers. New this year are Pickled Radishes. The pickles and relish come in 250 ml jars and everything else is in 125 ml jars.

You can order by email as often as you like. Order early, regardless of your delivery date, to ensure you get what you want. I make the condiments as the fruits and vegetables are in season so once they’re spoken for they’re gone. I continue to bake the shortbreads as orders come in so they’re always fresh. Let me know when you prefer me to deliver it and how many gift bags you would like.

Each item is $5.

Have wonderful holidays!

So this year's list


12 Year Cheddar Rich and with a bit of a cayenne kick

Parmesan Fennel Light and melt in your mouth


Toblerone      A classic shortbread studded with the dark chocolate version of this Swiss chocolate bar

Lemon       Flecks of lemon zest add a bit of tang to complement the richness of this traditional butter shortbread

Dark Chocolate Orange     A classic duo

Cranberry Pistachio       Perfect for Christmas with flecks of red and green


Bread and Butter Pickles 250 ml    A great addition to sandwiches and charcuterie plates   Sold Out

Sweet Zucchini Relish 250ml    Perfect for hamburgers or mixed with mayo as a homemade tartar sauce for fish  Sold Out

Pickled Radishes 250 ml        New this year   Four left

Hot Pepper Jelly      A lovely jewel-like deep red with a bit of edge from jalapeƱo peppers

Spicy Tomato Ketchup Much more complex than commercial ketchup. Slow cooked all day. Great with gourmet grilled cheese!


Grape Jelly            Choose Wild Grape, Fredonia or Concord

Crabapple Jelly            Beautiful translucent red jelly good for breakfast and with roasted pork and chicken

Blood Orange Marmalade         A taste of summer in the depths of winter   One left

Meyer Lemon Marmalade         Not too sweet, a refreshing marmalade with toast and scones

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