Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spring at the farmhouse

Spring is lagging behind here at the farmhouse. There is still probably about 40% snow cover and between snow melt and the rain we're receiving there is flooding of the Moira River further south. Railway Creek, which runs along the southern boundary of our land, is one of the tributaries that is part of the Moira River watershed.
Railway Creek spreading into its flood plain below the house
Railway Creek further south creates a temporary waterfall
Wildlife is more varied here than in the city but, because of lower densities, much harder to spot. On my walk through the woods yesterday I startled a Ruffed Grouse, recognizable by the characteristic loud whirring of its wings as it springs into the air. Above there was a Cooper's Hawk making its surveillance rounds just above the tree canopy.

And so a photo essay of spring here in the country

The snow in retreat but not yet all gone
One of the moss gardens looking healthy after its winter on the deck
Species crocuses under the mulberry tree
Complete devastation and decimation by moles
A mole tunnel originally buried under the snow and now exposed
The garlic beds under their mulch of straw
Black currants budding out
Two kinds of visitors drop their calling card; deer on left, rabbit on the right. Interesting how two animals so different in stature would have scat virtually identical in size
Deer scat is pill shaped
Rabbit scat more circular
Last year's mustard, kale and beet bed with plant residue left on the bed for organic enrichment and soil cover
Sunflower husks left by the birds feasting on the seeds. In a few weeks there should be a number of self seeded plants
Not a single seed left on the flower by the birds, primarily chickadees and gold finches
After a hard winter rodent damage on the raspberry cane; the lower area early in the winter, the upper later when the snow cover had reached that high
Baby self seeded heirloom lettuces emerge after a winter protection of snow
Self seeded spinach from the fall

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